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Food Therapy Meals are just one click away! This simple sign up will get you closer to enjoying some of your favorite dishes.

What you'll save

Time. Money. Stress.

Our meal prepartion service is intended to make life easier for you. We take pride in our valuable, healthy, and delicious meals that go straight from our kitchen to yours! Say goodbye to last minute dinner decisions and expensive grocery bills.

The goal is to...

Help us Help you

Meal prepartion can be seen as a lifestyle, but we are here to break the stereotype. We encourage EVERYONE to meal plan and work towards reaching your goals together!
Whether it's to lose weight, steer away from constant cooking, have time for more hobbies or becoming more health conscious, Food Therapy is on your team!

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The Meal Preparation Service Made Simple


1. Firstly, check out our weekly menu.


2. Secondly, place your order to be delivered Monday or Wednesday at your desired pickup location.


3. More importantly, enjoy your newfound free time!

This Weeks Menu

Every week we have 6 rotating dishes that are meant to get your taste buds watering. These featured dishes are only few of many other staple items that we offer all the time! We guarantee you’ll find meals that you’ll enjoy and have fun looking for them.

“Make Time Not Meals.”

But how much can you actually save with Food Therapy?

The average person buys anywhere from $85-$142 a week on groceries and spends about 37 minutes of their day cooking that food! Meal prepping is usually done on Sundays, but wouldn’t you rather get to enjoy your day off? We want you to enjoy your days by saving your money AND your time by letting us do all the work! An order of just $75 will enable you for free shipping (if needed) and will allow you to have meals ready to eat in your fridge on a daily basis. The easiness of our meal preparation service couldn’t be more perfect for you if you’re looking to make time and not meals.
Food Therapy by Peak Performance

5 simple ways to make meal plan work for you

1. Define a goal or problem -For example, I wish to incorporate healthy eating into my life

2. Check out our menu for meals you like

3. Plan out what days you’ll be having what meals – Click the link to get your own weekly prepping sheet

Track your results and share with us

4. Purchase some meals

5. Pick up or get your meals delivered and enjoy!

Our Retail Collection

The best way to experience our wide collection of retail items is to try them for yourself!  Our tasty dressings and granola make for the perfect addition to your cabinets.

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  • (518) 501-1557

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