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About Food Therapy

Food Therapy was founded in 2015 when Adam Davis saw huge improvements in his health and well being from preparing his meals on his days off. As a result, his nutrition got better, he had more time during the week and generally was more productive. Food Therapy was designed to bring people that same experience. Most importantly, helping people save time and energy by providing healthy and nutritious food.  
"Over the years we have worked on perfecting our service to bring people the highest quality meals and partnering with local gyms to support communities focused on health and fitness. We strongly emphasizes the "Make Time Not Meals" phrase because a meal preparation service is intended to make life easier and be able to enjoy all the things it has to offer."
Adam Davis

Food Therapy is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality food that is...




Firstly, we strive to provide you with food that fits the building blocks of a healthy diet, focusing on plant-based carbs, lean proteins and nutrient-dense meals. Above all, our meals are made gluten-free to accommodate certain dietary restrictions.

Secondly, everyone can agree: Using fresh ingredients leads to delicious food. It is our goal to use the freshest ingredients to achieve the highest level of quality for every meal.

More importantly, we play our part in the local business community by sourcing seasonal ingredients from nearby farms to bring you the freshest meals in the Capital Region.

Our Food Philosophy

Firstly, you’re running late  and you haven’t eaten all day  – therefore you grab the closest processed, convenient snack and continue on with your busy day. We’ve all been there. Was that the healthiest thing to eat? Probably not, but it was quick and easy. If you struggle with finding the time to plan out your healthy meals every week, Food Therapy can help. We source fresh, local ingredients to create delicious, healthy meals twice a week, every week. In conclusion, all you have to do is place the order and pick it up at your most convenient location

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