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October 30, 2016
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January 15, 2017

Can Meal Prep Change Your Life?

Scenario I: It’s 8 am. You’re yawning, and battling early morning traffic to make a meeting on time. Between wishing that it ends soon enough to not set your whole day behind, and hoping that you remembered to prepare everything, your stomach is growling. You got everything together – except breakfast. So you stop for coffee and buy a bagel, a donut, or whatever is available to prevent audible growls from being heard throughout the conference room for the next hour and a half.

Scenario II: It’s lunch time. Or, work-while-at-lunch time. You’ve got the same banana, protein bar, and salad that you’ve packed for as long as you can remember – because it’s healthy, takes two minutes to get together, and it more or less carries you over until you can make it home. Less than enthralled with your routine, you mindlessly consume as you chug along with your mountain of tasks for the day.

Scenario III: It’s 7 pm. You’re just missing the tail end of rush hour on the way back from the gym. Yay! You’re on the home stretch (literally), and you’ve almost survived the day. You just have to shower, figure out something for dinner, make dinner, eat dinner, do laundry, pay a bill, look into that thing Jackie was telling you about, send Mark a reminder email about that other thing, patch up the to-do list, check your calendar to make sure you didn’t forget anything, clean the kitchen… and then you can relax. As you contemplate all this on your way home, your patience runs thin and your hungry brain takes over. Since your stomach no longer cares about your food’s nutrition content so much as consuming ANY content, you grab the closest thing that counts as food and stuff it into your face. Realistically, you don’t have the time or energy to cook right now, anyway.

Exhausted yet? Yeah. Us, too.

 If you see yourself in any of these scenarios, then it’s possible that you’re tired of letting your meal choices be dictated by your schedule. You may have previously resolved to “do something about it”, but do you know how to stop the cycle of craziness?

We do. Enter: Meal Prep!

 Meal prep (the process of planning and preparing meals) prevents scenarios like this. It has been a game changer for so many who have chosen to prioritize their health. Beginner exercisers, young professionals, working mothers, and elite athletes have experienced the benefits of planning ahead when it comes to nutrition.

    What kind of benefits are we talking about? Let us count the ways:

  1. Eat Real, Healthy Food (without trying so hard)
  2. Save Time (for the people and things you love)
  3.  Save Money (dolla dolla bills, y’all)
  4. Reduce Stress (oms and noms)
  5. Enjoy Variety (the spice of life)
  6. Eliminate Waste (waste not, want not)

Pretty extensive, huh? Since there’s so much going on here, we’re going to break it down for you over the next few posts, piece-by-piece. In this next post, we’ll discuss the challenges of change, solutions to stagnation, and how meal prep can help. Click the pic below to continue reading. 🙂


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