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February 5, 2017
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June 29, 2017

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Food Therapy is excited to announce we will be offering Home delivery to the Capital Region.

Get the convenience and deliciousness of Food Therapy straight to your door.

How does this work? We deliver your meals in the early hours of the morning. Using insulated bags and ice packs, your meals will be left at your doorstep to get picked up when you start your day.

All we charge is a flat $12 delivery fee. Pick up at all our gym locations is still free.

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What to look for:

This new option will appear at the top of the different delivery options we offer.

$12 delivery fee will be added to your order.

If there are any special requests with deliveries, please leave a comment with your order.

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  1. Valerie riggu says:

    How do I start this.? Prices and form olease

  2. Valerie riggi says:

    What do I do to start this service

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