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August 28, 2017
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November 14, 2017


One of the very best things about changing weather is getting to enjoy a new batch of seasonal foods – squash, apples, pumpkin seeds, warm and spicy palates, hot drinks and every form of pie known to man. Although it’s not officially autumn for another fifteen days, summer slipped away weeks ago without so much as a final heat wave, so let’s just embrace what’s coming, shall we? In keeping with the theme, please enjoy an…

Ode to Fall!

Here lies summer, may she rest in peace
evoking whiffs of ice cream and pool-side BBQ feasts
blinded by solar eclipse rays and thoroughly tanned
laid to rest in a bed of beach sand.

Survived by fall, involuntary harbinger of basicness
pumpkin-filled bellies no longer preparing for nakedness
swaddled in scarves, leggings, boots and sweaters
ready for apple-picking and crisp morning weather.

It’s time to frolic in leaf piles and hike all the places
carve giant pumpkins and dress up as scary faces
Stranger Things are coming – no, not ghosts or witches
there’s a rip in The Upside Down that probably needs stitches.

Brace yourselves for tricks and get excited for treats
prepare your costumes, decorations and sweets
embrace the chaos of holidays; enjoy it before time flies away
because soon we will all have SAD.

The end.

This hedgehog is knows where it’s at. #fabulousfallfun

And in the mean time, we have a super fall-friendly dish, full of warm deliciousness to help you ease the transition out of short shorts into your winter time, fluff-friendly hibernation pants. JUST KIDDING, our goal is to help you avoid that whole struggle… fitness is for all seasons, right?!

Here’s our newest menu item, Sweet Potato and Chickpea Curry Stew!

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Wishing good vibes for the weekend ahead,
Your Friendly Food Therapy Team

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